Monday, 23 August 2010

Happy Loves Rosie's design

OH MY GOODNESS...I am so excited.  My blog is now set up thanks to Happy of HappyLovesRosie fame.  PLEASE check out her website.  It is fabulous....and I want to go RIGHT NOW and stay in the cute green camper :) 
I have to say that after working with Happy she may be feeling a little "Unhappy Hates Angie" right now.....I am a little challenged in blogging and she had to put this whole thing together for me...and I love it....I've got my pretty colors, my RetroMama (Texas) big hair and my love of all things vintage.  Thank you so much Happy...

My First Post

Do bare with me ladies, I am new to this blogging milarkie, so I will be making plenty of mistakes along my journey, I expect! 

Please do take the time to come back and visit me, to see how I am doing...perhaps you could even give me some advice!